Monday, October 11, 2004

Which part of you

Is there a tiny voice in you that wants Bush to win the election because you think it will be fun to live in a desert fortress and go out on raids for food and fuel?

If so, remember to stock up on rubber tires, lead-acid batteries (stored dry, of course), generator replacement parts (don't forget belts, plugs and gasket material), fabrics, winches and jacks, reagents, welding tools and supplies, pipes, pulleys, a mortar and pestle, bar and sheet stock, leather, Portland cement, fine abrasives, earth moving equipment, lantern mantles, mill wheels, salt, girders, a good sharpening stone, pilings (and a pile driver), needles, kilns of various types, sulphur, lime, and other bag chemicals, an astrolabe, a hot glue gun, aspirin, scissors, coffee filters, wire mesh, Kalhua, a bolt cutter and lots of chain, dynamite, an air compressor, a flat pan for soapmaking, a reflux condensor, a corkscrew, and lots of duct tape and plastic.

And a lariat.

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