Monday, April 25, 2005

Group Solitaire

Among the bloggers of the left, there is a type of post that usually takes the form:
[Quotation from historical criminal like Hitler, Mao, King George, et al]

[Amazingly similar quotation from a currently powerful politician or media figure]
There is no explication of the topic by the poster. The juxtaposition of the quotes says all. The greatest living practitioner of this form is Billmon, but plenty of people use it. Sometimes there is a variation:
[Quotation from historical icon like George Washington, Mark Twain, Jesus, et al]

[Amazingly contradictory quotation from a currently powerful politician or media figure]
If you call the first form a reductio ad Hitlerum, you (the incisive critic) can dismiss it as a logical fallacy (because being bad doesn't make you wrong). The second form is more like an argumentum ad verecundiam, or 'Appeal to Authority', which may or may not be a fallacy (authority on just what?).

There's a third form, for which I know no Latin name. In this one, we juxtapose a quotation from a known Bad Guy with modern snippets that bear out his thesis from a partisan viewpoint - e.g.:
America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.
~~ Josef Stalin
Democrats are traitors.
~~ theamericanpatriot.com

My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.
~~ Ann Coulter

Spiritual Life
Dr. James Dobson, founder and Chairman of the Board of Focus on the Family, is scheduled to appear tonight (April 25) on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country." Dr. Dobson has been asked to discuss last weekend's "Justice Sunday" simulcast and the assault by the liberal judiciary on faith in the United States.
~~ Focus on the Family

The question for today is "Why don't conservative bloggers waste their time on on satisfying entertainment of this kind?"

"Reductio ad Hitlerum"

LOL. I might have guessed it's from Leo Strauss.

But what did he REALLY mean?
Conservative bloggers tend to "waste their time" on facts and logic rather than on entertainment. I'm sure if the left had any facts or logic on their side, they'd do the same. As it is, I don't blame them for jumping up and down and shrieking "Hitler!" all day long. And robotically repeating the same threadbare talking points: That poor Billmon character, mechanically reciting "illegal war, illegal war, illegal war". Sad, really. "Illegal"? No, Congress approved it. What the left means by "illegal" has nothing whatsoever to do with law, just as what they mean by "Hitler" has nothing to do with Hitler. They think "legal" means "whatever I want", and "illegal" means "whatever I don't want". Quite literally, they cannot understand what "rule of law" means. They're children.

At the end of the day, all any of their babble means is "I HATE THEM MOMMY, I HATE THEM, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY!" It's because they're better than you, sweetheart. That's why.

What's hilarious about that poor witless Billmon creature is that, according to his sidebar, he's reading a great deal about the actual, historical Hitler, and he still quite clearly hasn't understood a word of it. Hitler killed his opponents, the administration dares — has the actual, DIVINELY PROHIBITED TEMERITY — to disagree, publically with their opponents: Same thing, right? Maybe a slight difference in scale, you know, but really, fundamentally identical. THE PARALLELS ARE STRIKING! THE TIMING IS SUSPICIOUS!

Last year, one of your imbecile British brethren compared the firing of Colin Powell to the Night of the Long Knives. With a straight face, as far as I could see. So apparently anybody who ever fired an employee is... Hitler. Because Hitler had ten and a half million people killed, and that's pretty much the same as letting one guy go with severance pay and a good reference, right? Talk about "amazingly similar"! Jesus, IT'S IDENTICAL!

It's beyond parody, is what it is.

The left is a lost cause. All they seem capable of is a weird sort of deranged, incoherent, infantile shrieking. And they're all shrieking the same damn risible gibberish, in unison.

Look at this hallucinatory bullshit from Billmon: "...the GOP is monolithic -- not to mention monochromatic -- and getting more so all the time." He's hopelessly out of touch. Wouldn't know reality if it bit him in the ass. Look at the numbers, stupid.

You're turning into fringe crazies. Look who's recycling lefty rhetoric these days. Because your rhetoric makes sense to Duke. His kind of sense.

Here's a concept you can't even begin to grasp: Reasoning by analogy is dangerous, because reality is very, very complicated; so complicated in fact that even intelligent people draw fundamentally wrong analogies more often than not. Anybody as stupid as a leftist has no hope at all.

Analogy is great for reassuring ignorant bigots that they were right not to waste their time learning to think.
Since you're a poor stupid leftist, I should clarify that last remark, to make sure you "get" it: You, like all lefies, are a desperately ignorant bigot. Your "values" are a set of blind, unexamined hatreds.
Sorry I'm late picking up your thoughtful insights.

I followed your link to see what David Duke is saying. He posted this after your comments, so I'm not sure what you meant to refer to, but the top post on his site takes off from here:

"Your letter is typical of the absolute blind sightedness of the Jewish supremacism mental illness that YOU are infected with. Why do you mention Babi Yar in Ukraine, why no mention of the 7 million men, women and children murdered by the Jewish Bolshevik Kaganovich and his other Bolshevik henchmen."

I haven't received the memo that says I should be using that rhetoric. In fact, the tone is vaguely reminiscent of... well, let's just agree that false equivalencies are unproductive, shall we?
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