Friday, June 24, 2005


Blogger did something to one of their template tags that broke the formatting on quite a few blogs, this one included. They are inserting 'clear' tags around the body text of your posts, which has the effect of pushing the text down below any floating <div>'s that it wants to be next to.

A kindly goober over at Blogger Forum posted a one line fix for the problem that works for me, in IE6 and Firefox.

This fixed my page, but it overrides all inline clears on the page. This will break any intentional formatting you've done with inline clears, so you may want to make one small change to Goober's excellent fix. He says to put a

div { clear: none !important; }

in the <style> section of your template. This will apply to all <div>'s.

Zkywords notes that you can narrow its action by looking in your template and finding the class that contains the <$BlogItemBody$> tag. In my case, it's 'Post'. Just change goober's statement to narrow its action to only that class:

.Post div { clear: none !important; }

All that is wonderful, but if you have a Blogger blog, and your layout went haywire after your last post, please write Blogger support to complain about this. It's astonishingly stupid of them to force arbitrary formatting commands into a text block that is the basic currency of the page.

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