Friday, August 05, 2005

The Passion of Bob Novak

Novak sans makeup

Everybody's blogging about Robert Novak's bizarre tantrum on CNN yesterday. A common conjecture is that Novak abandoned the set because he was afraid of being questioned about what was in the copy of Who's Who in America on Ed Henry's desk.

(as) If there's any chance that you don't know all the breathless minutae about Bob Novak and The WilsonRoveNovakPlameMillerCooperNigerTenetItalianSecretServiceCheneyCIAYellowcakeSOTUScooterGate scandal, Novak wrote a column suggesting that he could have learned Plame's identity from reading Joseph Wilson's entry there. If that couldn't be true, Novakula would be caught in yet another lie!

Fortunately for the theorists, they'll have to expound more theories. As it turns out, Bob could have learned the identity of Wilson's wife, by her maiden name, in Who's Who, just as he wrote. Therefore, there must be a yet more nefarious explanation for his Liberal behavior on CNN. I dunno. You'll have to look it up on one of the real blogs.


I just can't get enough of that dreamy Bob, so I googled "Who's Who in America" to enhance my bloggerly googleosity (or 'erudition', as it was once quaintly known). Marquis Publications charges $749.00 for their two volume set, but the second hit turned up something called Namebase, which is an online biographical database provided by Public Information Research, Inc. It doesn't offer much in terms of wrinkled-brow WRNPMCNTISSCCIAYSOTUSGate reporting on "Joseph Wilson", but if you're of a poetic or occult bent, go ahead and meditate on it, just for a laugh.

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