Thursday, September 01, 2005

Here's your Invisible Hand

Here's your Wisdom of the Market. Here's your Government that Governs Best Governing Least. Here's your Ownership Society.

Welcome to the Third World...

Welcome to Wealth Creation!

You're watching the news, watching all the poor black people die in the heat and sewage of New Orleans, watching the footage of corpses in the street, of dangerous buck niggers stealing stuff that rightfully belongs to white folks who are helplessly sipping Bombay gin in their hotel bars in Atlanta and Dallas.

But take heart!

There are something like fifteen to twenty thousand people gathered at the New Orleans Convention Center, and they're rugged individualists, every one. Take a moment to thank the dead ones for choosing to make way for the fittest, but arm yourself against the survivors because they may want your stuff next!

Thank God for Fatherland Security's Chertoff and his quick action to mitigate the harmful air quality standards that have cost so many lives! Thank God for the oil companies who have swept in with price hikes that will ensure that this disaster does not (negatively) impact their investors!

Before the flood, New Orleans' population was 67.3% black. Now it's in the high nineties, and there's no food or water, but plenty of guns and fecal coliform bacteria. This is no time for finger-pointing! It's time for Zero Tolerance! If we shoot them now, they won't collect more welfare or reproduce!

Larry King asks "How many Wal-Marts have been affected by this?" That's what's important now. My heart goes out to Lee Scott, President and CEO of Wal-Mart, but I'm not sentimental about it. He must answer to the shareholders for his lack of amphibious commando troops.

People are dying in hospitals, but really now, what do people go to hospitals for anyway? Besides, many of them were indigent at best, and killing the others as promptly as possible reduces the aberrant friction that paying claims creates in insurance capital movement.

Of course there's a role for government to play in all this. The high ground in New Orleans (the French Quarter) is a valuable economic resource - a National Treasure - but the rest of the place is sure enough Blighted now. Brave teams of developers are already being assembled to selflessly assess the need for Eminent Domain proceedings even before the corpses can be concealed.

Take a moment to remember them in your prayers, but don't forget to invest!

wow!! you just took the anger iu felt to a whole new level. you are not a lone in this movement. thank you for sharing your anger, like Rage s/d it's a gift.
Hopefully, we will give it to the write people.
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