Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Something Else Again

I have some old politically oriented magazines from the 1920's, and I was reading them, and working on a discussion of the contemporary Common Wisdom regarding the Supreme Court as Chief Justice Edward Douglass White's legacy began to be assessed in the light of William Howard Taft's new court. It was turning out way too long, and it was hard too, because I'm not a scholar of history, or of the law, so just like yesterday, I'm throwing it over for something else.

As I listen in to snatches of John Roberts' confirmation hearing, I'm reminded of a story...

One day the King was extremely hungry. Some aubergines had been so deliciously cooked that he ordered the cook to serve them every day.
"Are they not the best vegetables in the world, Mulla ?" he asked Nasrudin.
"The very best, Majesty."
Five days later, when the aubergines had been served for the tenth meal in succession, the King roared:"Take these things away, I HATE them !"
"They are the worst vegetables in the world, Majesty," agreed Nasrudin.
"But Mulla, less than a week ago you said they were the very best."
"I did. But I am the servant of the King, not of the vegetable."

~~ from The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin
by Idries Shah

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