Monday, October 17, 2005

What is blogging for?

I'm not highly qualified to answer the question "what is blogging for?", because I don't write often enough, and nobody actually reads my stuff anyway. Still, I have an interest in the subject, and I have thought about it from time to time.

All of my precious notions about it have been thoroughly vaporized by Twisty Faster over at I Blame the Patriarchy.

Twisty's blog was always a few orders of magnitude more insightful and entertaining than this one, but that's not unusual, and I was content to use this place to blow off a little steam, practice my indirection skills, and generally strut around in my underwear. Political crap, musings, wry pictures, and it's all nicely safe and anonymous - no problem.

Now Twisty crashes my calculus.

I'll never be connected like Kos or Kevin Drum, and I'll never be insightful like Julia or Digby, or funny like Tbogg or The Editors, and I'll damn sure never be as insufferably glib as Matthew Yglesias. All of that is known and accepted by me. What brings me up sharp is that I'll never, ever be as brave, or as much a Human Being in this medium as Twisty.

It wouldn't even have occurred to me to try.

personally, I think you're doing just fine.
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