Friday, January 06, 2006

The Pendulum of Damocles

Some time ago, I implied that The Fate Of The Republic® might somewhat rest on Scooter Libby's openness and honesty. Thankfully, our hopes are not pinned on the likes of him any more.

Now we can count on Jack Abramoff to save us.

If it's any consolation, this kind of nightmare logic has always been par for the course in the USA, as has a would-be-Dadaist-if-it-weren't-just-obtuse response by the public at large..

The Nation - America's Longest Running Weekly Magazine.
Volume: 126 • Issue #: 3280 • Date: May 16, 1928

This article focuses on some political issues in the U.S. Most of the poor innocents who rely upon the daily papers for their knowledge of events in Washington will be surprised to lean that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission during the last two weeks has been the scene of the most startling news since the original Teapot Dome disclosures. Indeed, in scope and significance, this makes the oil scandals seem tame. Despite all the high-powered and high-priced efforts to suppress them, the facts about the power trust and its enormous lobby are being divulged, and only the feebleness or venality of the newspapers has kept the public in ignorance of them. A textbook used in seventy Connecticut high schools is proved to have been written by a paid propagandist of the public-utility companies. Vast sums have been collected and expended to influence state legislatures.

What came right after that was a bunch of brutal suppression of unions, an as yet unequalled stock market crash, an environmental catastrophe (the dustbowl), the Great Depression, and Nazi Germany. But look on the bright side - what came after that was forty years of Democratic rule and the greatest expansion of prosperity and (if you can believe TV) National well-being the world has ever seen.

Just try not to be one of the millions who will be wiped out before we get back to the upside of the cycle, 'kay?

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