Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pop Quiz

Who said this, and what were they talking about?

What you can do to us one by one becomes the basis for destroying the liberty of us all, because that’s where intimidation begins. Hasn’t anybody studied how the great tyrants of the Twentieth Century got their job done, how Stalin got his job done? They didn’t intimidate everybody all at once. You just have to start intimidating the people who ought to act as the tribunes and spokesmen of the liberties of the people. You kill them off. You make them afraid to speak. And without the rallying points that are required for common action, the people can them be cowed and fragmented by an appeal to their selfish interests and the manipulation of their fear.

And this is where we are headed. To be sure, just as the Nazis did it in Germany, I am sure that those who might reach for abusive power in America will want to do it all according to the forms of law.


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