Wednesday, April 04, 2007

British Sailors

I join the rest of the world in breathing a sigh of relief, and a prayer of thanks to the Gods of Global Politics that the 15 British citizens taken captive by Iran in the Persian Gulf are now to be released.

I also join a smaller, but still sizeable, contingent who shake their heads in sad wonderment that things have come to such a pass that a callow, trash-talking demagogue like Ahmadinejad can so effortlessly kick the asses of the mighty Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Military-Industrial, Globalized West in the game of publicity.

This sorry state of affairs is entirely the fault of George Walker Bush. I hope I don't have to explain this to you at this late date.

Of course Blair is complicit, but at least he's aware of the current state of play, and is trying to make the best of a very, very bad situation. It's a spankin' for the Allied Powers, but the tireless efforts of the Royal Imperial Diplomats have yielded a victory of hrrumph and so on.

Get real.

Effin' Iran just let Britain (and, by association, the US) off the hook, and we're grateful. What's ironically worse, it should be noted, is that there was no legitimate question of torture or outrageous International Criminality on their part.

Our leaders have made a mockery of the great traditions and sacrifices of our forebears. We are weak and hollow because we have thrown away our ideals and principles.

We need to get our shit together before every Third World country in the world figures out how to make us dance.

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