Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday X-Blogging

Martin House
This birdhouse used to be the tallest thing on the block. Everybody admired its optimism, enterprise, and achievement. All the purple martins in the area wanted to live there. There was a waiting list.

Now the nearby trees are encroaching, and the roof leaks, and it's full of moldy old bird-refuse. The sun is setting, and martins "in the know" nest elsewhere. The mosquitos are here, because the martins are fighting them somewhere else.

This is not the fault of the martins, and no one should be surprised.

Exceptionalism is not immune from entropy.


Your blog on martins and the lonely martin house amidst the trees was symbolic of many martinless houses today. It is truely a picture worth a thousand or more words.

Thanks for the wonderful photo and thought provoking comments about the house that was once magnificent with martins but no longer.

I would love to provide this to our viewers on our webpage but cannot contact you but only through this message.

I am Terry at The Purple Martin Society, NA . Please contact me at: info@purplemartins.com

Thank you again!
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