Thursday, May 10, 2007


Atrios, in his wisdom, sometimes sees fit to leave it at "What Digby said."

Digby is the most incisive and illuminating polemicist on the web, and nothing I could say would... Well, look. Here's a taste of Digby's take on the DC Media Elite:

When the equally phony George W. Bush came to town it was love at first sight, and why wouldn't it be? Here you had a man whom these people could truly admire --- a rich man of the bluest blood, born into one of the most powerful families in America who nonetheless pretended to be some hick from Midland Texas. He took great pride in his phoniness, just as they did, and they all danced this absurd kabuki in perfect step for years each pretending to the other that they were all "just regular guys."

(Yes, this post does officially expose me as a pie-eyed fanboy. I can't help it.)

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