Friday, June 22, 2007

Six Days, Seven Years


Yesterday, Conyers asked McNulty if he would enforce a contempt of Congress motion against certain White House subpoena targets - a motion that could be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee as soon as June 28. McNulty said he would recuse himself (as would I). Over at Kos, Vyan discusses this in interesting, provocative detail.

Whoopee, maybe this will finally start the showdown between the American People and this outrageous gang of thugs and con-men.

I'm old enough to remember Watergate, and one of the things that stands out in my mind is the glacial pace of Justice in that matter. It seemed like it took forever for the system to purge itself of those crooks.

It did take forever, but look here:
June 18, 1972
The Washington Post reports that 5 men were arrested for burglarizing the offices of the DNC.

November 8, 1972
The Post's David Broder reports that Nixon wins reelection in "a landslide victory rivaling the greatest of American political history."

January 27, 1973
The Vietnam Peace Accord is signed.

August 8, 1974
Nixon resigns the Presidency.

Dang, we were flying through this stuff back then, even with Broder on the job. We flushed Agnew over $29,500 in bribes! In this day and age, you couldn't even get a blogger to take $29,500 seriously, much less the VP.

Anyway, yeah, maybe a big Constitutional Moment is coming in six days, if it can find a network sponsor.

Are you holding your breath yet?

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