Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fifty Years Ago Today*

Philip J. Noel-Baker

Philip Noel-Baker is probably today the man who possesses the greatest store of knowledge on the subject of disarmament and who best knows the difficulties involved. In his latest book, published in 1958, The Arms Race, which he has called A Programme for World Disarmament, he has pointed out the way we should go.

~ Nobel Peace Prize Presentation Speech
~ Gunnar Jahn, Chairman of the Nobel Committee
~ Oslo, Norway, 1959

I'm sure the committee regrets awarding Mr. Noel-Baker the prize that year, since to this day, he has yet to accomplish World Disarmament.

* Actually, the speech was delivered on December 10, 1959, but by this December, nobody will remember the Rightwing Brouhaha of this moment.

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